Build Your Own PC

There are people who buy their desktop computers from online stores.They buy from the collection of branded desktops which many times may not suit their complete needs.

Some go out to the brick and mortar computer stores and buy various components and assemble them to create their own desktop computer.Many a time they don’t get all PC components they want and settle for a compromise in trying to build their own PC.

Now offers a unique way to build your own PC.You can select the type of build,namely a budget PC,home or office PC,high performance PC or a gaming PC.You can choose your processor brand,Intel or AMD and then from the subsequent webpage select the type of PC you want to configure.


You can select your processor and in the next field the compatible motherboards available will be listed automatically.Choose your required motherboard and the compatible RAM(be it DDR3 or DDR4) will be displayed for selection.Select your RAM and then all other PC components in our easy to understand PC builder.As you build your own PC,the price gets updated as per your configuration.

Now you have no restriction in configuring your PC. build your own PC makes it easy for anyone to build their own PC.

Review all PC components and peripherals you have selected and place your order ShipMyChip will assemble the PC for you free of cart and ship it to you .All drivers CDs and accessories that come with the individual products will also be shipped to you at no extra cost.

ShipMyChip gives you a great and easy way to build your own PC.Use it to build your own budget PC,Home/Office PC,High performance PC(CAD & other design or video editing workstation) and high end gaming PC.


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