How to Build a PC: The Complete Guide

Building a laptop from scratch gives you the proper system for your wishes, but it may be daunting the primary time around here’s our whole guide, from selecting the components, to putting it collectively and putting in your OS.

This night faculty series become at the start posted in 2011. We’ve got gone thru and given it some much-needed updates: we modified old references, added a few new sources and tools, and multiplied a few sections enjoy!


Lesson 1: Hardware fundamentals

For our first lesson in build your own pc, we begin with a little pc hardware basics.

Lesson 2: Pick out and buy Your parts

In this lesson, we’ll show you a way to most efficiently choose out and save for your parts.

Lesson three: Build the PC

Assembling your computer can seem daunting, however it’s genuinely pretty clean. In lesson three, we show you step-via-step the way to placed everything collectively.

Lesson four: Installing Your operating gadget

Once you’ve got placed it together, you are past the hard element. Lesson four deals with installing your working device and get the whole thing up and jogging.

Lesson 5: further assets

There may be plenty more pc-building info obtainable than we will match into one night college. In our final lesson, we share a few other resources that need to help you in each the constructing and put up-building steps.

In case you’d like any of these training in a printable format, I suggest sending every article to a carrier like readability or Pocket. That way, you could print out a smooth, readable version that you may reference as you construct. thanks for learning with us this week!


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