How to Build Your Own PC with the Kano Computer Kit

“Kano: A laptop every person could make” is the tagline for Kano, an all-a while build your own pc package. In 2 hours (or 107 seconds in case you’re actually quick), you may go from understanding nothing approximately how a computer is constructed or how to code to having a clean and primary understanding of each. Lifting the veil and removing the “too complex” mind-set concerning pcs, in particular with children, is the last goal of Kano.

Kano is especially new too. Funded earlier this 12 months on Kickstarter, Kano is simply trying to start a “thirst of information” trend – not passively simply the use of era, however getting to know the actual story (the way it works) at the same time as the use of it. It has a Raspberry Pi pc board, you can play and create/edit traditional video games, view HD video and greater, and it only prices $ninety nine.

Our guide will define a way to build your own PC that may suit within the palm of your hand, with the Kano pc kit.


Getting the package

An concept dreamt up by way of college college students Alex Klein and Yonatan Raz-Fridman, they were amazed by way of how tons they surpassed their Kickstarter campaign. They obtained 8 times over their intention in only 19 days, raising roughly $1.2 million in backing bucks. right here’s avideo from the Kano inventors, sharing why they created Kano and what it can do.

despite the fact that Kano has formally secured their investment, you can nonetheless pledge $119 to get on the Kano transport-list thru their Kickstarter page, with deliveries expected by way of mid-2014 unfastened international transport comes with all orders.

Building your Kano computer

Frequently referred to as a “plug-in peripherals” laptop package, the Kano computer kit contains all the parts you need to build your own pc – the hard force, computer case (you choose the shade), keyboard, all the wires, a wi-fi server and a DYI speaker. All you need to feature is a display.

Kano won’t be as effective as the common pc; heck you may’t even surf the net on a Kano; however you may analyze the basics of constructing a laptop with it, which you may by no means shake a stick at. The package additionally comes with two easy graphic-primarily based training manuals – one for a way to construct it and any other for how to use it additionally, simply to ensure you realize what you’re doing, they’ve created a short video showing the stairs in building a Kano.

Coding with Kano

One of the without a doubt interesting gaining knowledge of gear protected with Kano is the ability to code software program with a purpose to operate at the Raspberry Pi computer board. Kano additionally accepts all open-supply software program, and uses Kano Blocks block-based totally coding software program to code. It creates actual code too – each JavaScript and Python losing inside and out of code view is also first-rate easy.

Traditional games like Pong, Snake and Minecraft may be programmed and played at the Kano too. They’re known as “software program projects’ and assist you to trade the game, even create new levels and add the rules you’ve continually desired.


With the production of thousands of Kano computer kits approximately to start, the expected US transport of Kano orders are proper on-song for summer 2014; and for its keen 11,000+ backers, it’s properly well worth the wait. A $ninety nine getting to know computer is rare, and the fact that it has the exceptional capability to inspire children and adults to study extra about coding and constructing a laptop makes it a very unique product.

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