How to Fix iPhone Headphone Jack Problems

In case you’re now not hearing music or smartphone calls via the headphones linked to your iPhone, you’ll be concerned your headphone jack is broken. And it can be. Audio not playing through the headphones may be a signal of a hardware problem, however it’s no longer the only capacity offender.

Earlier than scheduling an appointment on the Apple save, try the following steps to figure out if your headphone jack is genuinely damaged or if there’s some thing else happening that you may restore yourself—without cost.

  1. Attempt different Headphones

The primary factor you ought to do whilst trying to repair a damaged headphone jack is to affirm that the problem is actually along with your headphone jack, as opposed to the headphones. It would be satisfactory if it’s the headphones: it’s typically inexpensive to replace headphones than to do a complicated hardware restore to the jack.


The perfect manner to do this is to get any other set of headphones—ideally ones that you may affirm work properly earlier than using—and plug them into your iPhone. strive listening to song, making calls and using Siri (if these new headphones have a mic), and so on. If the whole lot works properly, then the problem is along with your headphones.

If the problems are still present in spite of new headphones, circulate on to the following alternative.

  1. Clean the Headphone Jack

Many people preserve their iPhones of their pockets, that are complete of lint which can discover its way into the headphone jack. If sufficient lint or different gunk builds up, it can block the connection among the headphones and the jack, that may cause problem.

In case you suspect lint is your hassle:

  • Check out the headphone jack to peer if you could hit upon any lint and you could want to polish a mild into the jack which will get a great look
  • If you see lint, blow into the headphone jack or shoot some compressed air into it
  • If the lint is packed tightly and can not be blown out, attempt a cotton swab. get rid of most of the cotton from one quit of the swab placed a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the give up you removed the cotton from after which insert that give up into the headphone jack. pass it round lightly and try to drag out the lint.

If the headphone jack is easy and nevertheless now not operating, attempt fixing the trouble in software.

  1. Restart the iPhone

It may not appear to have some thing to do with problems with the headphone jack, but restarting the iPhone is usually a key troubleshooting step  that’s because a restart clears the iPhone’s active memory (even though not its everlasting garage) and preferences, which can be the source of the problem. And since it is clean and short, there is no real disadvantage. To restart your iPhone:

  1. preserve down the on/off button (it is at the pinnacle or nook of the iPhone, depending on your model) buttons on the equal time
  2. flow the slide to energy off slider left to proper
  3. look forward to the iPhone to shut down
  4. preserve the on/off button once more until the Apple brand seems. permit pass of the button and let the phone begin up again.

If retaining down just the on/off button does not restart the telephone, attempt conserving the house button and on/off button at the equal time.


  1. Test AirPlay Output

One motive that audio might not be gambling thru your headphones is that your iPhone is sending the audio to every other output. The iPhone is meant to routinely understand when headphones are plugged in and switch the audio to them, however it is feasible that that hasn’t befell on your case.

One ability cause is that audio is being despatched to an AirPlay-well matched speaker or AirPort specific. to test for that:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone’s screen to open control middle
  2. Look for the AirPlay button simply underneath the quantity slider and above the bottom row of icons
  3. If AirPlay is getting used, that alternative will be lit up and display the device audio is being despatched to
  4. Faucet the AirPlay button
  5. On the subsequent display, tap iPhone
  6. Tap achieved.

With those settings modified, your iPhone’s audio is now being played through its speaker or headphones. If that doesn’t resolve the problem, there’s any other, comparable putting to investigate.

  1. Test Bluetooth Output

Similar to audio may be despatched to other gadgets over AirPlay, the equal element can appear over Bluetooth. In case you’ve connected your iPhone to a Bluetooth device like a speaker, it’s feasible the audio continues to be going there. The best way to check this is to:

  1. Open manage middle
  2. Faucet the Bluetooth icon in the top row (it’s inside the middle) so that it is not lit up. This turns Bluetooth off
  3. Strive your headphones now. With Bluetooth off, the audio must play through your headphones and no longer every other device.

Your Headphone Jack is broken. What have to You Do?

If, after trying all the alternatives indexed so far, your headphones nevertheless are not working, your headphone jack is probably broken and wishes to get replaced.

If you’re very handy, you could likely try this your self—but I would not propose it. The iPhone is a complicated and delicate tool, which makes it difficult for laypeople to repair. And, if your iPhone is still under assurance, solving it your self voids the warranty.

Your nice wager is to take it to the Apple shop for a repair. begin via checking your telephone’s assurance popularity so you know if a restore is included. Then set up a Genius Bar appointment to get it constant. appropriate good fortune!


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