Audio Connection Cables, Jacks and Ports for Your Comcast Equipment

This newsletter details records concerning not unusual audio connections. Click on the hyperlinks underneath for more facts on connection types, jacks and ports.

  • Optical
  • Coaxial
  • HDMI
  • RF Coax
  • A/V Jacks
  • Analog Audio (RCA) – audio system
  • digital (Compressed) – 5 audio system

Optical (Toslink)

A virtual, fiber optic connection used to ship digital audio signals from a supply aspect to an audio processor, inclusive of an A/V receiver. Impervious to not unusual household magnetic and RF interference, it gives extraordinary velocity and bandwidth, even though cables are commonly greater high-priced that coaxial cables which might be used for the same cause. In phrases of overall performance, there is little if any discernible difference in sound among the two.

Coaxial (SPDIF Coax)

A digital interface format invented by means of Sony and Philips (therefore, SPDIF) used to send virtual audio indicators from a source thing to an audio processor consisting of an A/V receiver. Coaxial refers to the cable layout and no longer the relationship generation, which lamentably results in some confusion with other video and networking cables that use a coaxial design. For digital audio packages, coax cables are extra least expensive than optical and simply as capable, however may be affected by electrical interference.


HDMI (high Definition Multimedia Interface)

A virtual connection that may carry each digital video and audio signals over a unmarried cable. HDMI can assist up to eight channels of audio at more than one sampling costs, and cables can make bigger for so long as 15 meters. HDMI is used frequently as a video connection, but the specification allows for audio, video and manage facts, and future products will incorporate these capabilities.

RF Coax

That is the most basic connection and may be used to attach a VCR to a television or a tv field to a VCR and/or tv. If gives the lowest audio and video quality.

Coaxial (F-Connector, RF Coax)

A coaxial interconnect will come up with very low audio exceptional. It can most effective offer mono (a unmarried audio sign for left and right audio system) sound with no potential to offer stereo (separate audio signals for left and right speakers) sound. It also transmits an analog sign, which is susceptible to electromagnetic interference and noise.

A/V Jacks

The most commonplace home theater connection. notice the sound and picture are damaged out into 3 separate cables. This layout improves audio/video first-rate.

S-Video A/V Jacks

The S-Video jack changed the yellow video cable to boom video satisfactory. The cable is without a doubt two-in-one, sending the coloration and gray scale in separate cables. This turned into used for Laser Disc and early DVD.

Analog Audio (RCA) –  speakers

In case you want sound to travel from one supply for your stereo, this is the only manner to do it. the standard crimson and white RCA connection separates the left audio (white) and the right audio (crimson) for stereo recordings. All television publicizes were in stereo for almost 20 years. A stereo recording means it was meant to play on two speakers.

RCA audio interconnects are very common and seen on maximum consumer audio/video electronics. The RCA interconnect carries analog audio for best a single channel. This single channel limitation is why it is commonplace to look twin RCA interconnects for left and proper channels. The single channel drawback is also why RCA interconnects are not used for surround sound considering the fact that one interconnect in keeping with channel might be required.

Subwoofer (RCA)

The “.1” in five.1 or 7.1 surround Sound consists of the subwoofer signal. Subwoofers use the common RCA interconnects to pass their low frequency bass sounds. The RCA interconnect is best for subwoofers for the reason that RCA interconnects can handiest deliver a single channel.

Virtual (Compressed) – Five audio System

You’ll simplest want to choose one or the alternative for every piece of gadget. both feature the identical benefit. The optical and coax connections ship a definitely digital signal in your stereo (receiver).

The actual difference in sound satisfactory over the red and white RCA cables is the potential to send audio to 5 audio system (not just ). For DVD and HDTV announces, you’ll want to apply this connection.


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